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Articles for the Christian and the Undecided Alike

Over more than 35 years of seeking God through Jesus Christ, I like to think that I've learned at least a little about who Jesus was, is, what He was doing, and what He still wants to do.
And so, I humbly submit some of the lessons that both life and Jesus have taught me.  I make no secret about the fact that I hold no official college or university degree/s in theology, but I think my experiences and time spent seeking God's wisdom should count for something.

So, please feel free to read my thoughts.

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Happy reading, and thank you for considering...

List of Articles below...

It seems to me that there are some basic questions that keep coming up, and I would like to express what I have learned about them...

Please be patient.  All of this is new, so it is an ongoing work :)

   Under construction

My Articles

  • Why is the Christian church being trodden underfoot?  Why have we lost our 'saltiness', as Jesus referred to it?


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