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Canefields by I Q Cameron © 1991

Canefields in the evening breeze
Swaying tops make soft, white seas
And sunset's glow amid the trees
Await the coming picture show

A canefire heralds the dawn of night
Sunburned men, drawn by the sight
In silence watch the fire's might
And sunburned men are pleased

Flames leap in the evening chill
Burning smells the nostrils fill
And black snow on the window cill -
The housewife's curse floats down

By this we have a rich man's land
Harvesters now cut a stand
My father would have done by hand
Long ago when cutters had their day

Men with skin the sun has scarred
Drills of cane, dark and charred
Dirty work and a life that is hard
A way of life lives on
The life that I love lives on

Originally I wrote another verse, which talks about the glowing embers - called fliers.
This verse would have fitted in between verses three and four as the song is sung now.
Here it is below:

Above the fields the fliers rise
All glowing fill the darkening skies
Little gems that glow and die
And gently fade away

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Coming of Age by I Q Cameron © 1991

I've traded in my youth for the wisdom of today
And now I'm here to meet the challenge of the day
Yesterday is gone and all the past is dead
Today is where I am, so I live for it instead

Learning what I've learned, oh, has wrought a change in me
I can change the world, and there's nothing I can't be
Life begins today.  Oh, adventure at its best
Leave what lies behind.  Today - today will be my test

Chorus (x2)
Coming of age.  This is my coming of age.
Coming of age.  This is my coming of age

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Christian music

Freedom's Chains

There is a man somewhere - in a prison cell
And he's left there to rot - in his darkened hell
And he prays day and night - for release to come
And he prays for his jailers - and everyone

And his jailers outside - see him praying there
And they cannot understand - why this man should care
For those who imprison - the likes of he
But this man is the one - who's truly free

Oh, it don't matter where you are - For Christ, you can shine just like a star
Oh, you can pray for even those - who hate, and in time, well who knows?
You might even save a soul from hell - so shine for Jesus while there's time

There is a rich man - with his family
Getting fat while the poor man - goes so hungry
And he works day and night - just to gain more wealth
At the cost of his family - and his health

And his fingers hold on - to his wealth so tight
As he clambers for more - just so that he might
Be free from all fear - on the coming day
But he'll never be free - and it's him who pays

(Chorus) x 2, plus...
So shine for Jesus while you've time

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Easy listening, country...

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